Vitamix is a privately owned company located in Olmstead Falls, OH. They were founded 50+ years ago by the Bernard family who were light years ahead of everyone else in recognizing the value of a healthy diet and how a powerful blender could contribute to that goal.


In 2009, with the advent of the fourth generation president, Vitamix that sells blenders for $500+, enjoyed a dominate share with chefs, food service operators and consumers with aggressive health goals and health issues. It was felt at the time that two brands would be required, one for chefs and one for consumers.

A research and rebranding process with Strategic Partners was put in place to take the brand to the next level.


A major research study was conducted with product demonstrators, chefs, household Vitamix owners and prospective consumer customers. The main findings were:

  • Chefs coveted the brand
  • Owners and product demonstrators were Vitamix evangelists
  • Consumers at large were unaware of the brand

Through focus groups and a segmentation study, a latent Vitamix audience was uncovered called “Family Food and Health.” This consumer segment loved to cook, entertain and sneak a healthy smoothie to their children. After experiencing the results of the Vitamix product, consumer passion resulted in the core brand essence becoming:




With a new focus that equally touched ALL audiences and the discovery of a new, large passionate segment, Vitamix employees rallied behind the brand and doubled sales in three years.