Top 10 Reasons Family Businesses are Clarifying and Articulating Their Brands

Revealing your brand, rather than creating or inventing it, is especially germane to family businesses.  Each new generation at the helm has the daunting challenge to move the business forward while maintaining the legacy of the founder and the family itself.  Revealing and articulating the family brand uncovers the authentic essence of past success  to be built upon in the future.

1) Our mission and vision statements are critical INTERNAL guideposts, but they tend to be generic and do not inspire employees to “live” our brand EXTERNALLY.

2) The value of my company begins with its brand, and understanding a brand’s worth can inflate my firm’s market value well beyond existing physical and human capital assets.

3) More involvement by non-family members especially begs the need for a clearly expressed brand, one which is  universally understood, believed in and owned by ALL my employees.

4) Venturing out beyond our brand’s existing markets punctuates the need for brand clarity in order to sort through acquisition possibilities, new markets and new cultures.

5) We seemed to have hit a plateau in many ways; we need to take our brand to the next level.

6) We have a very clear, visceral brand story, but are facing shifting marketing conditions that require us to  evolve within the foundation of our legacy.

7) Clarifying our brand will positively influence the hiring of good, qualified, committed people.

8) We are beginning to become “all things to all people” and more focused competitors are gaining ground.

9) As we grow, and for reasons of succession, we need to better “professionalize” the success factors (like our brand) that we have taken for granted for generations.

10) We want to go beyond fine-tuning our internal operations and grow our business!